Monday, 16 April 2018

How to monetize whithout 1000 subscribers on youtube?

How to monetize whithout 1k subscribers on youtube?

Hello guys As we all know that youtube is not like before where you can upload video and earn from traffic on that video, Things had totally changed and we need to change according to it. Today we will say you some secrets where you can Monetize without 1k subscribers on youtube. Yes you read it right you can Monetize youtube channel without 1k subscriber.Not only monetization as the process contuniues you will also get more than 1k subscribers on your channel soon.

May be you might have heard about the things im going to say to you but you will exactly know why i'm saying this.You will thank me later once you have grown on youtube if this work.

First thing you need to do is change the  way you look at youtube, If you have always been wanting to start a channel and you are still willing it till now, There's noting going to happen better stop thinking about youtube and do something other than that, If you really want to make a channel and willing to make a great content then you can Monetize your channel and also grow subscriber at the same time.

Ads are just one way to monetize your channel dont concentrate on that ads at first concentrate on your content, If the content is good you can earn money with 0 Subs, Yes you read it again right,You can review product and give Affiliate link in the description and you can review apps and get referral moeny by them, But all this will happen if your content is good and this doesn't need 1000 subscriber.

There are still so many ways, You can promote your own products and Merch and sell it online on youtube with 0 subsctiber, If you are thinking to promote others products obviously they will ask if you have subscribers or not, You can make a deal with them that you promote their product at a very cheaper level, make sure to have good content about that, and they will surely accept your proposal because of your content.

In this process you will also gain some subscribers and lot more views, Youtube is one such a platform where you wont be charged to start your channel so if you are still worrying to start your channel because you cant gain 1000subs then you will neither get subscribers nor Monetization. So something is Better than nothing. Start today.

You will get 1000 subscribers really soon, Don't worry if you have struck and if you have made one or two videos and waitng for 1k subs better quit youtube because you will not get anything if you stop and wait. You should hunt videos and make with good content focusing on trending content. You will get all you want if youj do little hard work.

The main reason and the answer for the question Why myYoutube Subscriber are not growing? is that you are not making a great content or you are not able to market your conetnt, In youtube you will not gain views or subscribers instantly because if your channel is new Youtube will take some time to analyze and show your content to viewers. So coose a category where there is less competetion. and you need to boost the initial views to gain some subscriber by Socially so post and encourage Social media sharing of your content at the Start. it will give you the initial boost you need to grow on youtube.

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