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Asus Zenfone Max pro - Full camera Review

Asus Zenfone Max pro - Full camera Review

Asus zenfone max pro camera review

Hello everyone, Have you been thinking to buy Asus zenfone Max pro, If you are not sure about the camera specifications about the new Asus zenfone max pro then you are at right place, In this article we will share you the detailed review and information about the camera of the Asus zenfone max pro.

So firstly in this phone you will get Dual rear camera and a front facing camera of 8 Mega pixel with Led Flash, and you can buy this mobile on Flipkart, and we will share you How far the camera is satisfying in terms of qulaity in Day and Night. 

Camera interface: 

Firstly when you unlock the phone and open the camera you will see a option at the top left something like Auto and if you click it you will get 12 different modes which you can use according to your choice of subject you like to shoot and in location you are taking the picture, You can use different camera modes and can be changed manually, Some of the modes are  HDR,Portrait, Landscape,Sports,Flowers,Back light, Night mode,Candle light, and some more which you can use depending on the situaltion.

The next option beside Auto is Filters, which you can use in live camera, The filters are mostly same as other devices not much special and beside of it you can use the option to choose between Front and back cameras and also you will get a beutification mode and Settings gear on the top right.

In the Settings you will get all the options you like to change accordingly and some of them are Flash, GPS location, Picture size, Picture  quality,Countdown timer, Storage , Continuous shots,Face detection , ISO , exposure, White balance, Red eye detection shutter sound and more. You will be able to control all this settings to get a perfect shot.

If you see the Settings of Picture Quality you will be able to choose between High, Medium and Low settings and in picture Size you will be able to choose upto 13Mp and in the Top right you can see a shutter icon which is a dedicated Portrait mode so that you can focus on a particular object and take its picture very easily.

Video overview :

So if we see the video mode we will be able to see that we get some settings above just like the camera settings but we see a few of them. You will get a Camera toggle option to choose between front and back camera, Live filters, and you can choose to mute or unmute the Mic while recording the videoa and settings gear at top right.

In settings you will get Flash, Video qulaity Video duration, GPS location video storage path settings and white balance. These are some of the settings which you can use while recording in the video mode.

Front camera (selfie):

Comig to the front camera also you will get the same modes and settings just like the rear camera one. and In settings you can set the picture size upto 8Mp.

Front video: In the front face video mode also you will get same options and you can use the front camera to record the videos in 1080p which is full HD recording.


The camera is  not so bad the video recording of 1080p is awesome and the camera is good in day time than night.The portrait quality of the camera is Good and also at night the flash is litte bit annoying but its ok, Not too bad, Asus Zenfone Max pro camera is nice and if you want to Buy this phone just because of the camera may be you are not right decision. But the mobile is Very nice..You can buy this mobile and use the camera very easily and take awesome pictures in the day time. In the night time, If you point the camera at any light thing you can see some dizzyness.But the phone and the camera is reasonable at that price level.

But that's not a problem as the company will be giving you an updates and f everything goes as expected you will be able able to see Google camera instead of snapdragon, which will be more easy to use interface and bug free. 

Overall this was our quick camera review of the new Asus Zenfone max pro, We hope you will find it useful and if you like this article do share it with the one you think this will be useful for him/her.

Thank you for being here and we will be back inthe next Article...

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