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How to call without Network to any Mobile or landline in India

How to call without Network to any Mobile and landline 

Hey! everyone There has been a big update which i found sharing with you, Which a very good news for all the Indians, This update will be seen or will be avaliable to all the people in just some months from now.

As in our India most of the mobile users will be in ruural places where the network will be very bad and in the most of the cases the mobile user won't be able to call when there is low signal or Bad network this had been a major problem after the call drop. The people used to face this problem when travelling to rural villages where the network will not be as expected.So what If you can call with out Network to any Moble and landline.

Have you ever heard the name Internet Telephony, India is the biggest country where almost 80% of the user are now online and are able to surf the internet.As we used to call in whatsapp with our network but the problem here is that other user also should be a whastapp user. But through the Internet Telephny, It is possible to call to any network and any moble or Landline number. This doesn't require the Network to your sim.

How Internet Telephony work?

As we know that our governmet is trying to make access internet and Wi-Fi to all the users in the country which will make the broadband more usable and almost the government already had provided free Wifi in all the big and small Railway stations and Bus  stops where the users can use it with out any charge.All network provider should have the Telephony licence and then they can provide the users to call throught the internet. So you might be wondering How to call without Network to any Mobile and landline? Yes ! in this case your telecom operator will provide you an application in your phone which you can use to call to any Network through internet. And also the Network provider will give the user a dedicated number which is expected to be of 10 digits but this is still to be confirmed,

With the Number provided be the telecom company the user can signup in the application provided by them along.There are lot of application now on playstore which claims that you can call through the internet but that are not actually the offical apps, The officail apps will be provided by the telecom operator and the Governmenet.

How internet telephony is not similar with whatsapp or Facebook?

The first thing that i would like to say is that here we are not talking about app to app calling which is similar to whatsapp and facebook, Here we will be able to call to any number we would like to call of any network type or the device type.You will be able to call a landline through your smartphone and you dont need any network for that.

Is Telephony number and Sim number are same?

The clear answer here will be a big No!, There is no update about the number policy but we are sure that the number will not be the same of your sim card number, the operator will provide you a different and a unique number through which you will be able to call thourgh the Internet on be half of your network provider and without network.

It is not important that only your telecom operator will provide you the Telephony application, There is no such thing but you will be able to call on the internet to any mobile through an application. We will keep you updating with new updates soon about the Telephony and appplications.

How to call without Network to any Mobile and landline 

So where ever you have access to internet and wifi you will be able to just open the Internet teleohony application and dail any number you want to call and you will be able to call any number without network .The major problem of network is going to solve in just a few months in India, Lets hope for best.

I hope all your doubts might have exhausted, Incase if you have any doubts regarding this topic leave us a comment below and we will get back to you and we will try to solve your doubts as soon as possible

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