Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Must have apps for youtubers

Must have apps for youtubers

Hey! guys welcome back again, Today we have brought you the top apps every youtuber must have.

If you are a youtuber and you upload your videos regularly and monitor them , Then this post is for you as we bring you the top apps for youtubers. Youtube is a very big platform and if you are a creator then we know how you struggle to manage your work on Youtube.

To make your youtube life simpler we brought you these apps for youtubers so that they can work from their mobile very easily and do all the works anywhere they go.

Top apps every youtuber must have:

1) YT Studio :

must have apps for youtubers

The fist and most important app that every youtuber must have is Youtube Studio, The is basically an app from Google(Youtube) and wit the help of this app you can just login usnig your youtube mail and password and will be able to do all the works of youtube For example: Viewing anylitics, Revenue, Comments,Thumbnail, and almost everything you can manage using this simple and small application. This is a must have app for youtubers.

2) Canva

Canva is an amazing website where you can use this service and make custom thumbnals for youtube. and Now Canva app is also available in app stores which you can install and use this to make creative Thumbnails and much more..This is a free app but if you want you can buy many things in Canva but mostly it is a large libraury of free templates and much more to make a youtuber life simpler. So this app also comes in category of Must have apps for youtubers, You can also create amazing designs usinsg Canva website.. Be creative

3) legend

must have apps for youtubers

Legend is basically an app where you will find many title stlyes to customize your Intro ot outro very easliy and handy, You just need to type title and choose style design and preview it, If you like it you can download it and use in your video, The main drawback is that you should add music seperately.Nice app, You can use this app if you find it useful for you and we brought this app to our list because we found it very easy.

There are still some apps every youtuber must have we have not included in our list but we will say you the examples

*Screen recording apps
*Camera apps (unlike normal phone camera)
*Video editing apps for android

So friends these are some of the app which we found useful for you being a youtuber. Thansks for reading till the end we hope you might have liked our content. If you found this useful make sure to share with the people you think might get benifit out of it.

Youtubers are the people who works veryhard to make sure to give right content to those audience if you wan to be a youtuber then we wish you all the very best for your Youtube Journey.

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