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How to play PUBG mobile with out lag?

How to play PUBG mobile with out lag? - Technicaltune

How to play PUBG mobile with out lag? 

How to play PUBG mobile with out lag: 
If you have been addicted to PUBG Mobile then you must have this problem unless you have a high end mobile for gaming, But don't worry we have all the possible solutions to Play PUBG Mobile without lag. As most of our blog readers have mailed me after reading the older post.
Every one who mailed for this question How to play PUBG mobile with out lag?  then all those
e-mails will be replied with this post. In this article i will be explaining you all the details and all the possible solutions so that the next time you play PUBG mobile then you will never again face the lag in your game play. You just need to follow some simple steps but most of the steps are so basic that might boost your game play.

Simple steps to reduce lag in PUBG mobile

As we said that, Following some simple steps also boost your Game play but you might not find it so helpful if it is a low end phone, But will definitely improve the conditions for game not to lag.

Restarting PUBG mobile after every game:  As we know that all the game play and the graphics of the game are being processed by your Processor and Ram in use of storage. Obviously the game is heavy compared to other games. Restarting PUBG mobile after every game or even restarting the phone it self will make a noticeable difference. The main concept of this tip depends on RAM the more you use it continuously the heavier load will be made to run on it. So it gas some time So you might get some benefit after following this method and play the game smooth which you need for a perfect game play.

Close all Background apps: Closing the background apps is very necessary if you want to play the PUBG mobile smooth like a cake walk,If your phone has good processor and RAM then you might not find this tip useful but for all the people out there who have been playing the Player Unknown's battle ground on small mobiles which don't have such capacity but they have interest to play. we purely recommend to play PUBG mobile closing all the Applications and keep them closed during the game play. Do not open them before you open the game as the RAM might use some storage which will lag your game graphics. It is good to uninstall the apps you don't use anymore.

Delete the stuff you don't need: You might be amazed when we wrote the side heading to delete the stuff. Yes! you read it absolutely right you are advised to delete the stuff you don't use. All those photos and videos and messages you sent to her/him in 2016. I mean is there any use to keep them hidden in your phone except to waste the storage on things that you don't need any more. If at all the files and messages are so important for you, You can always upload them to Cloud networks like google drive for free and you can access to them whenever you like. Your phone will also be clean. By the way iam not promoting Google drive you can use any cloud service you like but we at Technical Tune like Google! So, This way you can clean up some space and make some change work of your phone before and after game play. 
Stop things if you don't need in game : When of my friend was playing PUBG mobile in his mobile phone he said me that the game starts to lag in his device as he tries to use 4x 8x or even 2x scope, The reason why it happens is there will be frame drop as the program of the game Zoom in the game there will be lot more processing will be running behind the game play to make you zoom using the Scope, The solution for this problem may be to play the game in low settings as usual to reduce the amount of lag. If you want us to write an article on What settings should you play PUBG mobile to run smoothly then we will be writing it soon.

Graphic settings to play smoothly: If you have been gaming a lot then you probably know these graphic settings, If you don't know which graphic settings you should use then let me explain you in detail right now. Just go to the settings area and Find graphics there you will find some settings according to your device you can choose. We recommend you to play and test yourselves which one is best for your device. 1st try playing in HDR graphic mode and see if it lags in your mobile. Generally in all the low end mobiles it will lag in this mode. So you then try playing in HD and then if it lags, Play in Balanced, There will be lot of improvement at this level but it might be little lag for some devices all those people who are facing lag in Balanced can finally try out Smooth. If your phone is higher than 4GB of RAM then you will be able to play smoothly in these settings.

Frame rate settings in PUBG mobile: Below the settings of graphics you will find the Frame rate settings the tip is Frame rate is one of the main and core tip which will boost your game play during PUBG game play. As the game play depends totally on FPS settings as usual. The same things apply to this you will find Four options to choose Low,Medium,High and Ultra. you can choose accordingly depends of your phone and How you are used to play in those settings.

Style of PUBG mobile: Below the both the above mentioned settings you will find the style settings which will also be helpful in reducing lag up-to o some extent. There will be 4(four) settings Classic,Colourful,Realistic and Soft. Obviously if you have a high end mobile you will play in Soft and Realistic and if you want to reduce lag you will play in Classic or colorful as it takes less time to process then those of realistic and soft style settings.

Important Notice for  How to play PUBG mobile with out lag?

Many websites and blogs those who recommend some apps to boost the game play have been tie up with the app developer and they get huge money to promote such apps, Fortunately or Unfortunately we don't have such sponsors to this website but we have a tip for your. If you use any such app to boost the game and reduce the lag in PUBG mobile then make sure that the app is not a Heavy one which in turn slow down your phone and make game play to lag.

Mostly use such apps which only clears Cache and other unwanted files, If you see that app is using too much power in background then uninstall it right now.As it might use the RAM and make the game still lag.

So this was a small help from our side and now it is your responsibility to play the best game.We from wish you a Happy Happy Chicken dinner ahead.

How to play PUBG mobile without lag
How to play PUBG mobile without lag
 How to play PUBG mobile without lag

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